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The latest free fire cheats 2021 FF – Like a magnet, the use of cheats in a video game has become more and more popular recently.

Besides streaming third party apps or the so called city, Bellara VIP FF Apk Mod is one of the most popular Free Fire cheats. In addition to its ease of use, this illegal program is also said to be immune to the anti-cheat system installed by Garena.

But is it true? Before trying to find a shortcut with this trick. It will be good if you read this article to the end. The reason is that in this article we are going to discuss in detail the city of Bellara VIP FF Apk Mod in terms of usage, capacity and safety as well as the risks involved in using cheat.

What is the Bellara VIP FF Cheat?

Bellara VIP FF Apk Mod is a third party online cheat app specially designed to make it easier for players to get Booyah. This app has been changed so much by adding the Mod menu function. Besides being easy to use, this scam app is full of cool features.

the latest free fire cheats 2021 FF18

Due to the many features of this app, it can be said that Bellara VIP FF is the only Free Fire cheat with the most complete features. In addition to commonly used features like Aim Bot and Auto Headshot, Bellara also has dozens of other features. The features offered by this app include:

• Automatic shooting

• Automatic AIM

• Target bot

• Target point

• Target Fov: 0

• Target zoom

• Portable antenna data

• No hindsight

• Anti-protocols

• The rain is bullied

• Unlock instant messaging

• Speed ​​hacking

• Pink body

• Noite mode

• Not blocked

• ESP on / off

• ESP name

• ESP distance

• ESP box

• ESP Lazer 007 line

• Running with Medkit

• Ignore target shots

• Try to ignore behind the wall

• Teleport Pro ++

• ESP color: red

• Sonic speed x25

As with any cheat app in general, you can also find Bellara for free on a number of websites also known as free. Usually, Bellara is often used by players who want precision against enemies.

How to use the Bellara VIP FF cheat

Basically, Bellara is very easy to use. If you have used the MPG FF APK cheat before, the usage is more or less almost the same as this cheat. While it’s pretty easy to use, there are actually a number of things to look out for when using this trick. For those of you curious about how to use Bellara VIP FF Apk Mod in Free Fire game, you can follow the tutorial below:

• Once downloaded, uninstall the original Free Fire game app

• Then all you have to do is go to Settings> Application manager> click on FF game> then go to the app permissions menu and enable the options for microphone and microphone permissions. storage. Then hit the back button and enter more permissions. Then also enable contextual permissions

• Then download the extract OBB and Bellara VIP Mod Apk file using Zarchiver app

• Then open the extracted file and just enter the username and password, said Bellara

• Then all you have to do is enter the Free Fire game and login with a save ID account, then activate the Bellara VIP cheat

• Done, have fun playing Noob.

Is the use of Cit Bellara safe?

Any action that contains an element of fraud must be risky. Remember, it doesn’t matter how covered or when the crime is revealed. Since Bellara is not an official Garena app, no one can guarantee that it will be safe to use Bellara VIP FF Apk Mod.

the latest free fire cheats 2021 FF18

Additionally, Garena frequently patrols online and regularly repairs the anti-cheat system. Instead of using cheats and facing various risks in sight, you had better read and follow the tips on how to play Free Fire (FF) so that beginners can become pros below.

Specifications of Mod Cit Bellara VIP APK

Although Bellara comes with an anti-ban feature, it’s best to limit the use of this trick, and not too often. Just use it appropriately as there is still some loophole where your account is recognized and blocked by the system.

the latest free fire cheats 2021

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