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In the free shooter game we can use a lot of different elements, and one of them is the skin element which we are going to discuss this time. In the previous review, Mimin also discussed the ff skin tool in which there are several skins that we can get for free.

there are several types of skin items such as clothing skins, parachute skins, weapon skins and others. Scar Titan is a weapon skin that not many people use because it is quite expensive and also quite difficult to obtain. Therefore, not many people can use this titan scar, my friend.

Many survivors dream of being able to use the Scarred Titan, are you one of them. So for those of you who want this really cool weapon skin it’s just because you’ve visited here, well, here Mimin will be sharing a setup that can change a skin scar into a titan scar, and it’s free, my friend.

What is Scar Titan FF Config?

Config itself means configuration, config code that can modify an application or game software or other. If you are a progamer, this sort of thing might be very familiar, and this activity is the same as us using cheats, hacks or using mod apps which have advantages in their functionality.

More precisely, the config is a code or a script for the modifications of an application or a game. Using this configuration we will be able to get a skin scar titan for free or as mimin explained above, at know how to change the skin scar that we have into a skin scar titan.

The number of survivors who want to use this weapon skin is that we can get benefits like increased damage, increased rate of fire and others. No wonder this skin is sold at a high price and it’s quite difficult to get it, so not everyone can have it.

Materials to obtain the Scar Titan FF configuration

There is a way for us to change the skin scar that we have to become a titan scar, but you need to collect the ingredients first. So here are the ingredients you need to prepare.


ZArchiver is an application to extract configuration files that you will use later. You can get the app from the Google Play Store service for Android system users. There are also other kinds of apps to extract files as well, but this apk is indeed more familiar and many use it.

Configuration files

The second ingredient is config file where there are several types, so please use it according to your skin scar to convert to titan scar. Here are some configuration files with different types of skin scars.

Is this Titan FF scar skin permanent?

The answer may not be permanent because a setup like this cannot always be used, because if Garena updates or updates and fixes any existing bugs, the setup will automatically disappear and no longer work.

So if you use this config and it doesn’t work anymore, it sure doesn’t work anymore because Garena already knows it and you have to find a new config to get a free scar titan skin.


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